Traveler Health Declaration (DSV)

To enter Brazil by air, travelers from abroad must fill up the Traveler Health Declaration (DSV) and show proof of a negative test for Covid-19.
Publicado em 25/03/2021 12h13

To enter Brazil by air, travelers from abroad must fill up the Traveler Health Declaration (DSV) and show proof of a negative test for Covid-19. The requirement came into force on December 30, 2020, according to Ordinance 630, of December 17, 2020, issued by the Presidency of the Republic and Ministries of Heath and of Justice and Public Security. 

The goal of the Declaration is to know the health condition of the traveler before boarding. Thus the traveler must show the airline an e-mail confirming the completion of the declaration (either printed or digitally) before boarding to Brazil. 

The Traveler Health Declaration (DSV) can be found at 

When filling out the DSV, travelers also agree to comply with the sanitary measures adopted by the Brazilian authorities during their stay in Brazil. Non-compliance with the requirements of Ordinance 630 will imply civil, administrative and criminal liability for the offender. If the offender is a foreignernon-compliance will imply immediate repatriation or deportation and disqualifying for a request of refugee status. 

Travelers from abroad who do not show the DSV will not be allowed to enter Brazil.  

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