Animal Health Information System

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SIZThe National Animal Health  Information System - SIZ is managed by the Coordination of Information and Epidemiology - CIEP  of the Animal Health Department, which is responsible for managing data and information regarding animal diseases occurrences, as well as other relevant animal health information. CIEP is in charge of Immediate Notifications and Annual and Semiannual Reports sent to the OIE, maintaining the communication on the occurrences of animal diseases in the country. The main aims of SIZ are: collecting, consolidating, analyzing and disseminating animal health information for supporting the design, application, evaluation and decision-making on strategies and actions for surveillance, prevention, control and eradication of relevant animal diseases to livestock and public health. It also supports national animal health certification to international organizations and countries or trading blocs, with which Brazil has commercial relations.

The SIZ database is based on a list of notifiable animal diseases. The notifiable animal diseases list was established by MAPA Normative Instruction nº 50, 23rd of September, 2013, and its reporting is mandatory for all those who have been aware of any suspected or confirmed cases, according to the criteria and information flows established.

The notification may be sent to the Official Veterinary Services through the electronic system e-SISBRAVET which will redirect to the Local Veterinary Units - UVLs or community service offices responsible for the veterinary attention at the origin of the suspected animals, to take the apropriate measures for investigation, as defined in national regulation.  The central instances of Mapa, represented by Federal Superintendents of Agriculture - SFAs in the states and Animal Health Department in Brasília, guide and monitor the investigations concerning diseases of categories 1, 2 and 3  of the List, until they are excluded or confirmed, so that appropriate measures could be applied.  


List of notifiable animal diseases 

Disease Status of the OIE List in Brazil 


Six-Monthly Zoosanitary Reports 

Every six months, Brazil submits to the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE), Zoosanitary Reports on the occurrence of diseases in the country. The most recent report can be consulted here.