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For guidelines to travel with pets, visit:


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In the event of travel or change of address of pet birds and aquatic animals, quarantine is mandatory before shipping. Check the following procedures:

For every import process, the necessary documents must be filed with the Federal Superintendent’s Office for Agriculture (SFA) of the destination of the animals. Click here for the SFA address in each state. 


Aquatic Animals

The following documents must be filed in order to import pet aquatic animals:

  • Application for permit to import live animals;
  • Commitment statement by the importer of the aquatic animals. TEMPLATE HERE

Importation will only be authorized if the country of origin issues or endorses an International Veterinary Certificate (CVI) including all Import Requirements (RIG). There is currently an RIG for ornamental aquatic animals. These requirements are available at SISREC.

If the Official Veterinary Service issues the CVI, it means these animals have been authorized to enter the country. When these animals arrive in Brazil, they will have to comply with the requirements provided by the RIG for “Procedures at the Destination”, which is currently as follows:

“When animals are imported due to a change of address of their owner, they will remain with their owner as their custodian for at least 90 (ninety) days under the supervision of an attending veterinarian. Health certificates signed by the attending veterinarian (monitoring the quarantine) must be submitted every 30 (thirty) days to the SFA of the corresponding state. The final clearance of the animals by the SFA in that state will take place after the three certificates are assessed. If the owner needs a new change of address during the quarantine, the SFA of that state should be informed of the new address at least 7 (seven) days in advance.”

Pet Birds

The following documents must be filed in order to import pet birds:

  • Application for import permit for live animals TEMPLATE HERE
  • Commitment statement by the importer of the birds TEMPLATE HERE; and
  • Responsibility statement for accompanying the birds TEMPLATE HERE. 

The first step in importing bird pets is an International Veterinary Certificate (CVI) agreement between the Official Veterinary Service (SVO) of the country of destination and MAPA. The interested party may check on SISREC whether such an agreement exists. To do this, search for an Importation Requirement for the country of interest (the country from which the bird is coming).

If such an agreement does not exist, notify the SFA/UF of destination of your interest in the importation so that CTQA may start negotiations with the country.

If such an agreement exists, the interested party must file the documents mentioned above with the SFA/UF.

After the requirements to issue a CVI at the origin have been met, the birds will be subject to Normative Instruction 49/2018 upon entering Brazil. The Chapter III of the aforementioned Normative Instruction states that:

Ornamental birds intended for pets may remain in quarantine at the domicile address indicated by their owner, provided that:

a) Quarantine at the Cananeia Quarantine Station (EQC) or at another Quarantine Station (EQ) has proven impossible due to there being no vacancy in these establishments in the 30 (thirty) days after the birds are expected to enter the country;

b) Health and isolation conditions at home are considered appropriate by MAPA; and

c) There is supervision by a veterinarian responsible for the clinical follow-up of the animals during the quarantine.

Note: Imports of birds from countries with outbreaks of avian influenza or Newcastle disease will only be authorized upon confirmation of the post-entry quarantine scheduled at the Cananeia Quarantine Station (EQC). Check the scheduling procedure on the EQC website:

Wild Animals

In addition to MAPA procedures, licensing by IBAMA (the Brazilian Institute for the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources) is mandatory for wild animals CLICK HERE