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Who is our team?
LA-BORA! gov is the laboratory for innovation in people management at the Ministry of Economy. The lab was founded in December 2019, by public servants themselves, as a learning and innovative environment. Its purpose is to support the development of solutions in order to enhance the public servants' experience and, thus, generate public value. We aim at bringing the public servants and Brazilian citizens together by supporting leaderships to work empathically and people-oriented. This results in a greater engagement and better productivity.

LA-BORA! gov departs from the premise that public organizations that want to innovate cannot loose sight of its most important partners within such process: the public servants themselves.

Our main directive is to focus on the Employee Experience. In such perspective, the collaborators are seen as partners to cocreate innovative solutions. They interact directly with public services end users and provide a systemic and empathetic point of view. By seeing public servants as such, LA-BORA! gov empowers them while making them a part of the solution. This develops a sense of responsibility and actively engage public servants in the process as a whole.

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