Public Call 2

Publicado em 23/07/2020 21h00 Atualizado em 16/04/2021 13h52

This edict aims to identify national or foreign companies interested in carrying out suborbital and orbital launch operations using the Alcantara Space Center (CEA), as well as providing information on the contractual process, including licensing processes and authorization for space launch.

Specifically with respect to the Alcantara Space Center (CEA), the Aeronautical Command is responsible for its management. Thus, in Cooperation Agreement nº 01/2020, signed between the Air Force Command and AEB, the Agency received the competence to carry out initial negotiations with national or foreign companies interested in using the goods and services for the launch of non-military space vehicles employing CEA.

The CEA consists of the set of goods and services used to launch non-military space vehicles in the national territory, providing the necessary infrastructure to support the specific activities of launch companies. This condition is necessary to insert Brazil into the international and regional market in the space area.

In comparative terms, the Alcantara Space Center has unique characteristics, such as: the privileged location of the available sites, approximately 2º18‘ south of the Equator Line; proximity to the sea, which makes it possible to launch into polar and equatorial orbits; low population density; absence of earthquakes and hurricanes; low density of air traffic; and ideal location for responsive launches, among others.

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Figure 1: Available Launch Sector