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The Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA) is currently linked to the Superintendence of Manaus Free Trade Zone (Suframa) and the Ministry of Economy, and has a structure of 12,000 m² of constructed area, which houses a complex with 26 laboratories, industrial pilot plant, strategic intelligence and support center for entrepreneurship in biobusiness, bioproducts and bioprocesses technological unit, facilities for incubation and acceleration of companies and accommodation for researchers.

The Center seeks to support biotechnological entrepreneurship, encouraging the attraction of companies operating in the bioeconomic segment in order to contribute to the sustainable development of the Amazon and the country. It also works with the secondary sector to understand industrial demands and support the development of new products and processes. Likewise, it also works with agroforestry communities.

In addition, the CBA aims to promote, stimulate, coordinate and carry out activities of innovation and development of the bioeconomy based on the sustainable use of biodiversity. It also works with a focus on technical and administrative support to Executive Branch bodies to reinforce public innovation policies aimed at the productive sectors, in addition to providing qualified services, developing bioproducts and processes.

CBA offers the market a set of physical-chemical and microbiological analysis services, in addition to other specialized technical services, such as efficacy and toxicological safety tests. Likewise, the Center's team provides advice and trains agents not only from large companies, but directly producers and entrepreneurs from communities in the interior of the state.

In this way, it carries out integrated actions with institutional partners, such as the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service (Sebrae), which allows the CBA to collaborate to disseminate knowledge about the bioeconomy in order to promote the development of initiatives aimed at biotechnology.



The Amazon Biotechnology Center has several capacities to promote biotechnological entrepreneurship and support public and private institutions operating in the bioeconomy segment. Below we have selected some of the strengths of the CBA within its area of expertise:

  • Microbiological and product contamination analysis;
  • Production and standardization of extracts, inputs and finished products;
  • Technical training for all entities in the Amazon production chains;
  • Development of plant seedlings, in scale, of commercial and environmental interests;
  • Handling cosmetics, functional foods and herbal medicines in pre-pilot and pilot scales;
  • Physicochemical analysis and technical reports.

With state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained technical staff, CBA has the necessary structure to meet various demands and reduce technological risk so that entrepreneurs in the bioeconomic segment can establish and prosper in the region, contributing to socioeconomic advances and the development of the region. Do you want to know more about what CBA can offer to contribute to your venture? Contact us at .



The Amazon Biotechnology Center understands that Amazonian inputs have strong possibilities to contribute in many ways in different segments and, in this sense, it aims to collaborate with the encouragement of regional biobusinesses that enhance the sustainable use of these goods originating from the largest rainforest of the world. For this, it is possible to identify in the CBA varied potentials, such as:

  • To be an intelligence center for Amazonian biodiversity;
  • To be the largest technology park and biobusiness hub in the Northern region of Brazil;
  • Acting in the development of bioproducts and business generation;
  • Provide qualified services for industry, agriculture and environmental support;
  • Support the creation and development of the bioindustry hub;
  • Incubate and accelerate technology-based companies;
  • Contribute to regulations to improve the biobusiness environment.

Regional development involves the bioeconomy and Brazil has as its differential all the richness of the vast biodiversity of the Amazon. Its correct use can result in a sustainable advance in the region and generate employment and income for society, complementing the local economic matrix, currently centered on the benefits arising from the Manaus Free Trade Zone (ZFM) model. The CBA is fully capable of acting proactively and efficiently in this direction. Do you want to know more about what the Amazon Biotechnology Center can offer to boost biobusiness? Contact us at .


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To follow our official communication channels, constantly access our institutional website and follow, comment, share and enjoy publications on social networks. There, you can also contact the Center's team, clear up your doubts, send suggestions, compliments and criticisms. And if you prefer, contact us also by email.

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